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Moss Bury Primary School

School Dinners

At Moss Bury we offer our children ‘Pupil Choice’; this means the children choose their dinner each morning from the menu in class. They have the option of 4 choices every day; a meat option, a vegetarian option, a jacket potato or a school packed lunch.

We are a NUT free school!

Please see below the dinner menu:

Costings and orders in advance

From 1st April 2024 school meals for children in Year 3 to Year 6 will cost £3.30 per day or £16.50 per typical week. We ask that the week of dinners is paid for in advance on a Monday morning. All monies must be sent in, in a named envelope, which the child will hand to the class teacher (cheques made payable to: Herts Catering Limited or HCL). Our office staff are unable to give change so the correct amount is required. However, if you have paid for any meals and your child is off, the payment will be carried over. You can also make your dinner money payments on our School Gateway (there is a minimum payment of £16.50 required)

Terms & Conditions

Your child doesn’t have to have school meals every day. They can have regular meals on certain days, for example, they may want a dinner on a Wednesday and a Thursday; this is not a problem but we do ask that payment for such meals is made in advance. We also ask that you give a week's notice if you would like your child to change from school meals to packed lunches or vice versa. Please note that if a dinner money debt occurs of more than £16.50 per child (5 days of dinners), you will be required to send your child in with a home packed lunch until the debt is cleared.

Universal Free School Meals

Children in Reception up to Year 2 are entitled to Universal Free School Meals; something the Government introduced for all children nationwide in Key Stage 1. This means your child can enjoy a school meal every day and parents are saving up to £16.50 a week!

To find out more about Universal Free School Meals click HERE


Home Packed Lunches

For those children who do not have school dinners we ask that their packed lunches are as healthy as possible and contain no nuts, sweets or fizzy drinks. 


**If your child has any allergies or specific dietary needs we can arrange with the catering suppliers to have a meeting with parents to talk through the available menus.

 If you know you are, or think you may be, entitled to free school meals, you can apply at: www.hertsdirect.org/freeschoolmeals.

Or you can complete the form HERE and return it the school office and we can apply for you.