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School Council

Lunchtime Equipment

Our classes were in need of some new equipment for the playground at lunch time. In order to know what our children wanted, the school councillors surveyed their classes. Once all the councillors had fed back class wishes, we created a lunch time wish list.

After creating our wishlist, we wrote a letter to Mr Dean to ask for some money to purchase the new equipment. 

Mr Dean generously agreed that we could have the money to purchase lots of new equipment. Here are some pictures of the equipment we purchased: 

Minutes from our Meetings

 Meeting 17.5.23.pdfDownload
 Meeting 5.10.22.pdfDownload
 Meeting 9.11.22.pdfDownload
 Meeting 23.3.23.pdfDownload
 Meeting 9.3.23.pdfDownload
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Project Bug Hotel?

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Eco School Award

This academic year, alongside having a voice on issues within our school, the school council are working toward achieving the Eco School Award.

Throughout the year the school council will discuss issues, implement change and educate others on important environmental issues to help make our school more eco aware. 

To read more about the Eco School award, please click on the image below. 

School Environmental Review

 In order to understand how eco-friendly our school is, we worked through the environmental review. We discussed which areas we performed well in and which areas needed improvement.  

Action Plan

After completing our Environmental Review, we discussed which areas that we could have the biggest impact in and put together our Action Plan.