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Learning Commitments

The Moss Bury System of Teaching and Learning & the over-arching intent of our Curriculum

At Moss Bury we use a system of teaching that we think is unique and we call it Learning Commitments.

The basic principles are simple: we looked at the national curriculum and determined what the central, most important parts of it are; the elements that support all other learning. For example, in Writing, this includes sentence construction; in Maths, number and times table knowledge; and, in Science, fair testing.

We then worked out an order of teaching of these basic principles to ensure that children learn them in a logically sensible order, with each new skill linking to the next, or building upon previous, in a progressive series. Each new piece of learning compliments and extends the earlier one.

We call these essential parts of the curriculum Learning Commitments because our teachers are totally committed to teach them and our children are equally committed to the learn them.

Our Leadership Team is committed to doing our utmost to ensure that all of our children, at all levels of ability, have success in these crucially important aspects of their learning. To give further assistance, our intervention programme, which helps children who find some elements of their learning a challenge, supports the learning of these skills, giving children as much support as necessary to ensure their success.

We also ask our parental community to help, working with their children and the school to to ensure that they all succeed.

Parents who wish to know more about the curriculum being taught in our school can browse the other webpages under the Curriculum tab. If you have any further questions, please email Joe Henley on