Moss Bury Primary School

Webb Rise, Stevenage, Hertfordshire SG1 5PA

01438 222300

Welcome to Moss Bury Primary School and Nursery!


At Moss Bury, our vision is clear:


At Moss Bury, all children and staff are proud to lead our lives based on four core values. These influence our behaviour all the time, both in and out of school.

Children who demonstrate these core values could be awarded with the certificates seen below.

Our four key values are: 

Hard Work 

We recognise that hard work is the key to success in all walks of life. With hard work, it is not a case of if, but a case of when we achieve our goals.


We make sure that we tell the truth in both good and bad moments in our lives; this allows us  to develop trust between our peers and our teachers.


We try to ensure that all our decisions are informed by, and rooted in, a desire to be kind. We are well aware of the impact that this has on our relationships with others.

Love of Learning 

Above all, we love to learn new things; whether we are taught by our teachers or we are inspired to find out something new for ourselves, we know that learning is the key to understanding the world.