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Welcome to Moss Bury Primary School and Nursery!


Welcome to our transition page. We wanted to give you some information and support for all of the children who are either moving from home learning back to school or will be moving year groups in September, whatever that may look like.

We are aware that some children may need some support now and although we don't have all of the answers yet, we can try to help them to feel in control of their feelings.

If you do have any specific comments or questions can you please contact Emma Skinner who will do her best to answer them!

Year 6 to Year 7 Transition 

Early Years Transition 

 SECTION 45 I'm starting school.pdfDownload
 SECTION 46 Here I Come REV2020.pdfDownload
 SECTION 47 parent REV2020.pdfDownload
 SECTION 48 book list NEW REV2020.pdfDownload
 SECTION 49. Bookstart Take time to read Nursery (families)NEW REV2020.pdfDownload
 SECTION 50. Bookstart Take time to read Reception (families)NEW REV2020.pdfDownload
 SECTION 51 This is me (parent and child) (child) JF.pdfDownload
 SECTION 52 My child's first day at school 2021.pubDownload
 SECTION 53 Supporting your child's independance as they start school.pdfDownload
 SECTION 54. Transition Supplement (families).pdfDownload
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